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Right of Way - DMV Practice Test and Answers

Florida Right of Way Laws

This Permit Practice addresses how to turn properly and how to use your turn signals. To prepare for this practice test you should have reviewed Right of Way Videos and Tutorials.

Below are questions about Right of Way in Florida in the form of multiple choice just like on the Florida Permit Test. As you answer each question you will learn the correct answer so you can learn by taking the test.

1. When driving up to an intersection you should:

Incorrect: Please try again.

Correct: All of the above. Look for pedestrians, bicyclists, skaters, skateboarders, and other vehicles coming in all directions to avoid a collision at all costs. Only move forward when the road is clear.

2. You come to a 4-way stop at the same time as another car, who goes first?

Incorrect: Please try again.

Correct: The car to the right. When cars arrive to stop signs at the same time, the car on the right goes first. Always make sure the road is clear and there are no pedestrians or bicyclists before driving.

3. When making a right turn at an intersection if there are pedestrians crossing the intersection from your left what should you do?

Incorrect: Please try again.

Correct: Yield the right of way to pedestrians no matter where they are crossing. It doesn't matter which direction a pedestrian is coming from, as a driver you must yield the right-of-way to all pedestrians no matter where they cross.

4. You hear sirens and see an emergency vehicle approaching from behind, what should you do?

Incorrect: Please try again.

Correct: drivers must yield the right of way to law enforcement vehicles, fire engines, and other emergency vehicles using sirens or flashing lights. Pull over to the closest edge of the roadway immediately and stop until the emergency vehicle has passed. Do not block intersections.

5. Before driving over a sidewalk when you are pulling out of a parking lot or driveway be sure to:

Incorrect: Please try again.

Correct: Stop before the sidewalk and look in both directions for pedestrians, bicyclists and other vehicles before driving over the sidewalk.

6. As you drive up to a roundabout should you accelerate into the roundabout to miss the car coming around?

Incorrect: Please try again.

Correct: No, drivers entering a roundabout must yield to other drivers already in the roundabout. If there’s no cars in the roundabout then enter. Do not change and do not stop while in a roundabout. Be sure to use your turn signal so others know when you are exiting the roundabout.

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