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Study Guide for Florida Permit Test

Pass Your Permit Test

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To help you prepare for the Permit Test we offer two options: The Permit Study Guide course online and our free Pass the Permit Test videos, guides and practice tests.

  • The Permit Test is also known as the DMV Exam or DMV Test.
  • Teaches you step-by-step how to pass Permit Test.
  • You can access anytime and can login and logout on your schedule 24/7.
  • A drivers ed class is included for the driving road test.

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Permit Study Guide Online Course

  • Written by a former DMV Examiner
  • Practice tests included
  • Tips for taking the Permit Test
  • Videos to help you pass
  • Driver education for road test

Permit Study Guide Online Course Contents

The Permit Study Guide online course is a comprehensive course designed to help you pass the Florida Permit Test the first time you take it. Here are examples of what is included in the Study Guide:

Road Rules

  • Speed Limits for roads, highways, residential neighborhoods
  • Florida Seat Belt Laws
  • Traffic Tickets - The Point System
  • Insurance Laws

DUI Laws in Florida

  • Zero Tolerance Law - Minor drivers under 21
  • Insurance Increases - DUI conviction
  • Implied Consent Law - Breath, blood, urine tests
  • Additional penalties - DUI convictions

Road Signs and Signals

  • Pavement Markings - Double Yellow, Broken White Lines
  • Traffic Signals - Red, Yellow and Green Lights
  • Regulatory Signs - Stop Signs, Speed Limit Signs
  • Warning Signs - Merging Traffic, Pedestrian Crossing