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DATA Course

Required for Learners Permit

The DATA course — Drug and Alcohol Test is the first step for teens getting their learners permit in Florida.

Officially known as the TLSAE — Traffic Law Substance Abuse Education — the DATA course teaches the critical concepts around how Drugs, Alcohol, Mood, and Your Physical State effect your ability to drive safely.

Facts about the DATA Course

  • DATA Course is Required for all new Drivers in Florida
  • This course is approved by the DMV for all of Florida
  • Login and Logout on your schedule
  • Course completion automatically transmitted to the Florida DMV
  • You can take this course at age 14

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How the DATA Course Works

Drivers Permit
  • First step is Registration
    You enter your name, address, phone, email, birthdate and create a username and password.
  • Next step is payment
    We accept all major credit cards.
  • Now you answer a series of security questions
    These questions will pop up at random during the course to make sure it is you.
  • Start the course
    There are 7 Modules and each has a required time you must spend before you can take the quiz and move on.
  • Remember
    If you are taking a break, logout. You can login anytime and pick up where you left off.
  • Take the Test
    When you complete the DATA Course and pass the test your completion information is automatically transmitted to the Florida DMV. The DMV does not accept paper certificates for the DATA Course.

Topics Addressed in the DATA Course

Here are examples of what the DATA course is all about. These are just a few examples. Note that this is not a difficult course and if you pay attention to the material the test is easy and you wil learn things that will make you a safer driver.

Physical Factors

  • How alcohol and drugs leave the body and how fast your body absorbs alcohol and drugs.
  • The short term effects of alcohol and drugs on your body and how the heart rate and breathing are effected.
  • The effects of alcohol on your brain, nervous system, judgement, alertness, vision, coordination, and reaction time.
  • The Dangers of combining Alcohol and other drugs.

Psychological Factors

  • The effects of use, abuse, dependence and addiction.
  • The costs of addiction on friends, family, and employment.
  • Loss of Judgement. Many people who are intoxicated don't think they are impaired.
  • Alcohol as a gateway Drug. Positive versus negative coping skills.

Major Florida Traffic Laws

  • The Florida Graduated Licensing Program and Insurance Requirements.
  • Zero Tolerance, implied consent, the minimum drinking age in Florida. Florida's progressive DUI Laws.
  • The Florida DMV Points System and drivers license suspensions, cancellations, and revocations.
  • Safety equipment including seat belts, child safety seats, and air bags.

Questions and Answers about the Drug and Alcohol Test

What is the DATA course about and how long is the course?

The DATA Course (also known as TLSAE or DATE course) teaches you how drugs, alcohol, your mood and other factors effect your ability to drive safely. The course is a total of 4 hours long (a state requirement). On HighSchoolDriver you can login and logout of the course so you can do it on your own schedule.

Who has to take the DATA Course?

Anyone getting their first drivers license in Florida is required to complete the DATA course. This is typically teenagers between 14 and 17 years old getting their learners permit but also applies to adults (18 or older) getting their first drivers license.

Do you have to take the DATA course to get your learner permit in Florida?

Yes, To get your learner permit you must complete the DATA course and you must pass the Permit Test.

Is there a test for the DATA Course?

As you progress through the DATA Course there are quizzes for each section and at the end of the DATA course there is a 40 question test. The test is not difficult if pay attention to the course materials.

What happens when I complete the DATA course, Do I receive a certificate?

The DMV does NOT accept paper certificates for the DATA course. When you complete your course your information is electronically transmitted to the DMV. When you go to the DMV to get your learner permit they will look up your information based on your name and social security number.