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Florida Car Accident - Practice Test

DMV Permit Practice Test and Answers on Car Accident Procedures

The Permit Practice addresses Car Accidents. To prepare for this practice test you should have reviewed Car Accident Videos and Tutorials.

Below are questions about Car Accidents in the form of multiple choice just like on the Florida Permit Test. As you answer each question you will learn the correct answer so you can learn by taking the test.

1. If you hit a parked car and cannot find the owner, what should you do?

Incorrect: Please try again.

Correct: If cannot find the owner of the vehicle you hit you should contact law enforcement and leave a note with your name, phone number and your license plate number.

2. If you leave the scene of an accident with injuries, what is the penalty?

Incorrect: Please try again.

Correct: Leaving the scene of an accident with injuries is a 3rd degree felony and will result in you losing your drivers license for at least 3 years.

3. What are you required to do if you are involved in an accident with major injuries and property damage?

Incorrect: Please try again.

Correct: In an accident with injuries and major property damage you must call 911, exchange information, and help anyone that is injured.

4. If you get into a small accident with minor damage and no injuries you are required to do what?

Incorrect: Please try again.

Correct: You should never leave the scene of an accident, even a minor accident. Move your vehicle or have it moved if it is blocking traffic and call 911.

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