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The Permit Test is the 50 Question Florida DMV Knowledge Exam that all new drivers must pass to get their Learners Permit or Drivers License.

To help you pass the Permit Test we created a series of videos starring HighSchoolDriver.com students. We recommend you watch the introduction video to the right. After watching this video go through the Permit Test Categories to learn topics that you must know for the Permit Test. After reviewing the topics take our free Permit Practice Tests with Answers for each of the topics listed below.

We recommend you start learning Florida's traffic laws and Road Signs as early as age 14. To get your Florida Learners Permit at age 15 you will need to pass two exams: 1) 4 Hour Drug Alcohol Traffic Awareness (DATA or TLSAE) course; and, 2) DMV Permit Test on Road Signs and Traffic Laws.

Permit Test Categories

Below is a list of the categories covered in our Pass the Permit Test section. Select a category below to start learning or scroll down for more information about what each permit test topic covers.

Pass the Florida Permit Test Introduction

To get your Florida Learner Permit or Drivers License you must pass the Permit Test. The guides and videos will teach you important traffic laws and road signs to Pass the Permit Test and be a safe driver.

Topics Covered on the Florida Permit Test

Select a topic to watch videos and read guides to learn what you must know to Pass the Permit Test.


Braking distance is a combination of factors that add up to your total braking distance. Perception Distance, Reaction Distance, and Braking Distance add up to total Braking Distance.

Car Accidents

What to do if you're in a car accident in Florida including hitting an unattended vehicle, leaving the scene of an accident, and calling 911.

Distracted Driving

Accidents caused by Distracted Drivers are increasing. Texting and driving is illegal in Florida and the most dangerous kind of distraction.


Understand what DUI is and how to avoid it. As a driver under 21 it is important that you know the Zero Tolerance Law. If you plan to drink make sure you have a designated driver or some other way to get home.

Insurance Laws

The State of Florida has laws that require you have car insurance to cover the costs of a car accident. There are penalties for driving without insurance and fines.

Making Turns

To be a safe driver you must understand how to make safe turns. This includes signaling, being in the correct lane, and obeying signs.


Florida has rules about where you can park and how your car should be positioned. You should also know how to turn your wheels if you park on a hill.


Passing another car can be very dangerous. Learn the steps to passing safely and where you can and cannot pass.

Right of Way

Right of way topics include yielding to pedestrians, moving over for emergency vehicles, and not blocking intersections and cross walks.

Road Signs

As you drive in Florida you will encounter many road signs. From the obvious Stop Sign to less obvious signs that you must understand to be a safe driver.

Seat Belt Laws

Florida has seat belt laws that dictate who must wear a seatbelt and what age children must be in a car seat or booster seat.

Speed Limits

In most cases there will be a posted speed limit that you should obey. But in some cases there is no speed limit sign and you must know how fast to drive.

Facts About the Florida Permit Test

To prepare for the DMV Permit Test the first step is to understand how the test works. Here are a few facts:

How many questions are on the Permit Test?

The test is 50 questions. A few questions will be on Florida Road Signs.

Most of the questions are on the rules and regulations (traffic laws) of driving in Florida.

What type of questions are on the Permit Test?

Questions on the Permit Test are multiple choice. There are no fill in the blank.

Is there a set of existing questions you can study to prepare for the permit test?

The questions are from a database of hundreds of questions so there is no way to know which questions you will be asked. There are certain concepts that appear frequently and we cover those in our permit practice tests.