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DMV Practice Test and Answers on Parking in Florida

Florida Parking rules and regulations

This Permit Practice addresses how to park and where you are allowed to park in Florida. To prepare for this practice test you should have reviewed Parking Videos and Tutorials.

Below are questions about parking in Florida in the form of multiple choice just like on the Florida Permit Test. As you answer each question you will learn the correct answer so you can learn by taking the test.

1. How close to a curb do you have to park?

You should:

Incorrect: Please try again.

Correct: You must not park more than one (1) foot away from the curb.

2. When you park a car what should you remember to do?

Incorrect: Please try again.

Correct: Set the parking brake, turn off the car, take the keys and lock the car. Florida law requires that you take the keys out of your vehicle before leaving it.

3. Before getting out of your parked car what should check for?

Incorrect: Please try again.

Correct: Always check traffic around you before getting out of the vehicle so that you do not open your door into a bicyclist or another vehicle.

4. Looking for a parking spot in a busy area is tough. To avoid a ticket, make sure you do not park in these areas:

Incorrect: Please try again.

Correct: All of the above. Do not park anywhere that blocks or creates a hazard for other vehicles.

In addition to bicycle lanes and in front of driveways you cannot park on sidewalks, crosswalks, bridges, overpasses, intersections, tunnels, or next to yellow painted curbs.

There are restrictions on how close you can park to the following: 1) Fire hydrant – do not park within 15 feet; 2) Intersection – do not park within 20 feet; 3) Stop Sign – do not park within 30 feet; or 4) Railroad Crossing – do not park within 50 feet.

5. You see an empty parking spot across a 2-lane road is it okay to park on the left side of the road?

Incorrect: Please try again.

Correct: No, you must park on the right-side street facing the same way as traffic. The only exception is a one-way street.

6. What’s the general rule when parking on a hill?

Incorrect: Please try again.

Correct: Turn your wheels so your car rolls away from traffic or into the curb.

7. You’ve found a great parking spot while driving uphill, which way should you turn your wheels when you park?

Incorrect: Please try again.

Correct: Parking Uphill with a Curb: Turn your wheels to the left so you roll into the curb.

This is the only time you turn your wheels to the left when parking on a hill.

If parking uphill with no curb, turn your wheels to the right so you roll away from traffic. If parking downhill turn your wheels to the right so you don’t roll into traffic.

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