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Test Your Knowledge of Florida Road Signs

Free Permit Practice Test

Florida Road Signs - Practice Test

It is critical that you understand all the road signs you could encounter on Florida roads and highways. Below is a sample of 25 road signs - some common and some uncommon. This is not a complete collection of all road signs but will give you an idea of how prepared you are to take the permit test that is required to get your Florida Learners Permit.

1. This pentagon-shaped sign means you are near a school and need to watch for children.
2. This sign indicates "Divided Highway Ends":
3. This signs indicates:
4. This sign indicates a Low Clearance sign and your vehicle should not be taller than what's listed on the sign.
5. This signs indicates Merging Traffic:
6. This sign indicates:
7. This sign indicates the bridge is wide enough to accommodate:
8. This sign Soft Shoulder indicates the dirt on the side of the road is soft and you shouldn't leave the pavement except for emergencies.
9. This sign indicates:
10. This sign indicates Double Curve:
11. This sign indicates Right Curve:
12. This sign indicates:
13. This sign indicates:
14. The Reduction of Lanes sign indicates fewer lanes ahead:
15. This sign indicates a traffic light at intersection ahead:
16. This sign indicates:
17. When a sign has a red circle with a slash across it, this indicates you are allowed to perform this maneuver:
18. This sign indicates you are not allowed to make a U-Turn:
19. This speed limit sign indicates:
20. This sign indicates:
21. A broken yellow line indicates you may pass on the left when the way ahead is clear.
22. This sign indicates:
23. This sign indicates:
24. This sign indicates:
25. This sign indicates: