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DATA Course - All Online


The DATA course is required for all drivers getting their first drivers license in Florida. It is the first step to get your learner Permit

  • DATA = Drugs, Alcohol, Traffic, Awareness
  • DMV Approved for all of Florida
  • Login and logout on your schedule
  • Completion automatically transmitted to DMV
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Florida Permit Test - All Online


The Permit Test is the written DMV exam required to get your learner Permit. Taking the Permit test online will save you time at the DMV.

  • Approved by the Florida DMV
  • Road Signs and Road Rule test all online
  • Required to get your FL Learners Permit
  • Known as DMV Test or Permit Test
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Permit Study Guide - All Online


Pass your Permit Test the first time. Our study guide and practice tests were developed by a former Florida DMV examiner.

  • Step by step guide to passing the permit test
  • Short videos give you insider tips
  • Login and logout over on your schedule
  • Practice tests so you know you are ready
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Florida Learners Permit Made Simple

Age Requirements

You must be 14 1/2 to take the DATA course.

You can take the Permit Test on your 15th Birthday.

Over 18 - no permit required but you must take DATA course.

Driving with a Permit

You can never drive alone with a learners permit.

No night driving during the first 3 months.

After 3 months hour are extended to 10PM.

Getting Your Drivers License

You must have your permit for 12 months.

You must be conviction free

Have 50 hours of Driving Experience

Parental Consent