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Get Your Florida Learner's Permit

Take the DATA course here for $29.95 and you can take our Pass the First Time Program here!

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DATA = Drug Alcohol Traffic Awareness - Required Course
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Got a Traffic Ticket in Florida?

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This is the BDI Course
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Get Your Learners Permit Online


DMV Test is now Back Online as of July 6, 2011 - Answers to Common Questions Learners Permit Road Rules Free Florida DMV Practice Test
Learners Permit Road Signs Free Florida DMV Practice Test
Florida Learners Permit (DATA Course) Online
Georgia Drivers License - Joshuas Law Required by the State of Georgia

Learners Permit | DATA Course $29.95
Florida DMV Approved first time driver (DATA) course online that you can complete on your schedule from any computer. the DATA course is required by the state of Florida to get your learners permit or first drivers license as an adult.

Florida DMV Test - $24.95
As of July 6, 2011 the Florida DMV has Approved the DMV Test to be taken 100% online.
Anyone getting their Florida Learner Permit is required to pass this test.

Get Your Drivers License - Pass the First Time
The Florida DMV Test must be taken by anyone getting their first drivers license in Florida. In many states 40 to 50% of students fail their DMV test the first time and the same is true for Florida. Complete our DATA Course and you will be offered our "Pass the First Time" program for $14.95 . It includes practice tests an easy to follow course, and even the chance to ask a former DMV examimer questions. It even helps you make your DMV appointment - Pass your DMV Test the First Time.

Georgia Drivers Ed - Joshuas Law
As of January 1, 2007 teen drivers getting their drivers license must complete a 30 hour driver education course. The new law is called Joshuas Law named after Joshua Brown. You can complete your Georgia Drivers Ed requirements online.

Online Learners Permit Courses
Florida, California, and Nevada.

Before you get behind the wheel consider driver eduation. We see too many cases of new drivers getting a ticket and having an accident

How to Get Your Learners Permit
Great info for getting your first drivers license in Florida, New York, or California.
For your Florida Learner Permit we have Two online courses on HighSchoolDriver.com and you're off to the DMV. We also have guides for New York and California

A Teen Driving Contract
You'd be surprised how a laying out all the rules and dangers for new teenage drivers may be the solution to stress between parents and their teenager.

Using Library Computers to Get Your Learners Permit
High School Driver courses allow you to login and logout and use differnet computers to take our learner permit (DATA) course.

TWD - Texting While Driving
At 40 MPH you travel 60 feet per second
You cannot send, read or check your text messsages while driving - the math proves that taking your eyes off the road for 1 second puts you at big risk of a rear end collision.

Skip School and Lose Your Drivers License
Florida requires teens to attend school or their driving privilege will be suspended
Since 1999 the State of Florid has sent letters to 353,580 teens informing them that their learners permit, drivers licesne or ability to get a licenese has been suspended for not attending school. The program appears to be very effective.

Learners Permit Questions and Answers

When you turn 15 years old in Florida you qualify for your learners permit. If you are under 18 Florida requires that you keep your learners permit for a full year. That means that if you get your learners permit three months after your 15th birthday you must wait until 3 months after your 16th birthday to get your operators license.

Learners Permit Requirements

You must practice driving for 50 hours in daylight and 10 hours at night with your Learners Permit

You must have a licensed driver that is 21 or older in the front seat of the car at all times.

Learners Permit Courses (DATA and DMV Exam)

You must complete our First Time Driver DATA (Drugs Alcohol Traffic Awareness) course.

You must pass the 40 question DMV exam, which is now available all online.

All our learners permit courses are approved statewide by the State of Florida


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