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Pass your DMV Test the First Time

If you completed your Learners Permit (DATA course) here you can take our "Pass The First Time" program for $14.95 and DMV Test Online for $24.95.


DMV Test - Pass the First Time

Florida DMV Test All Online and DMV Test Prepration Course.

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Quick Summary

» Florida DMV Test Online - $24.95

» Florida DMV Test Preparation Program - $14.95

» Practice Tests

» Video Tips

» Your questions answered by a former DMV Examiner

» Online DMV Appointment Scheduling

» Plus a 30 hour driver Education Course

If you are a teenager getting your learners permit in Florida or an adult getting your first license then you must complete the Learners Permit DATA course (also known as TLSAE - Traffic Law Substance Abuse Education) and the DMV test.

The Florida DMV Test (40 question test) is now back online as of July 6, 2011.

If you already completed your DATA course on HighSchoolDriver.com then just login with your username and password and you may:

1. Singup for the DMV Test Preparation Course - $14.95

2. Signup for the DMV test - the cost is $24.95.

If you completed your DATA course somewhere else then you can signup and complete both our DMV Test Preparation and the DMV Test Online.

Signup for the Pass the First Time Program here - $14.95.

Florida DMV Test Online - $24.95

Both the learners permit (DATA) course and DMV Test Preparation program can be completed here on HighSchoolDriver.com. Don't risk failing your DMV Test at the DMV!

Nearly 50% of all drivers fail their DMV Test the first time and have to schedule another appointment and come back to the DMV. Our DMV Test Program teaches you what you need to know to pass the Florida DMV Test the first time.

Here's a summary of how the DMV test works:

  • The DMV test is 40 questions
  • 20 of the questions are road signs
  • 20 of the questions are road rules
  • You must get 16 answers correct in each section to pass the DMV Test

We have free road signs and road rules practice tests for the DMV test . But we highly recommend that you complete the "Pass the First Time Program" before you take the DMV exam.

If you are over 18, never had a drivers license, and getting your first Florida drivers license you can do the following:

  • Complete the learners permit (DATA) course
  • Make an appointment at the DMV to take your DMV Test and driving test
  • Get your florida operators license (full driver license)

Learners Permit Questions and Answers

Florida's graduated licensing system permits you to get a learners permit when you turn 15. This section covers the most common questions and answers associated with getting a Florida Learners Permit

Who is required to get a Learners Permit?

Anyone under 18 years old who wants to get a Florida drivers license.


If you are under 18 you must keep your learners permit for 1 year before getting your operators license.

If you are over 18 you can get your operators license immediately after taking the required Learners Permit DATA course, and the DMV test and Driving Test at the DMV.

What are the steps for getting my Learners Permit?

  1. Step 1 is to take the required Learners Permit DATA Course.
  2. You can take the DATA course when you are 14 1/2 or older.
  3. Step 2 is to take the DMV written test - when you are 15 or older - you can now do this online.
  4. Step 3 is to take your vision and hearing test and get your picture taken.
  5. All our courses are approved statewide by the State of Florida.

Can I drive alone with my Learners Permit

No, Florida requires that drivers with a Learners Permit always have a licensed driver 21 or older in the closest seat to them. There are no exceptions for school, work or anything else.

How does the Learners Permit (DATA) course work

The course is a total of four hours and broken down into 7 chapters.

Each chapter has a required amount of time you must spend before proceeding.

You can logout at any time and the learners permit course will save your time.

At the end of the learners permit course there is a 40 question test.

You must get 32 answers correct to complete the course.

You can take test for the DATA course over free as many times as necessary. NOTE This is not a reference to the DMV test, the State of Florida charges for each time you take the DMV Test.

How do I get my certificate for the Learners Permit DATA course

When you finish your Learners Permit course our system will automatically transmit your completion information to the DMV.

When you complete your Learners Permit DATA course you will be offered several expedite options including email delivery and options for UPS delivery. Remember that we will send your certificate via regular mail for no charge from our Orlando office.

Go to the DMV to get your Learners Permit

You must be at least 15 year old to get your Learners Permit. Be sure to bring your learner permit certificate, your birth certificate and a second form of ID. For more information on getting your learners permit see the Learners Permit page.

Don't forget the free DMV practice tests. Take our free DMV Practice Test for Road Rules and for Road Signs.

Zero Tolerance

Any driver under 21 with a blood alcohol level of .02% or more will immediately have their drivers license suspended for six months. Translation - there is not amount of acolhol that is safe. Don't drink (even a drop) and drive.



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