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Learn the rules of right of way.

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Right of Way rules can be confusing such as who goes first at a 4-way stop and how to drive in a roundabout.

Typically there are questions on the Permit Test on Right of Way.

Review the guides below about right of way, intersections and roundabouts and watch the videos. Then we recommend you take the Practice Test on Right of Way to determine if you understand the topic.

Intersections and Right of Way

Guide on Right of Way and Intersections

At a Red Light or Stop Sign you must come to a complete stop behind the stop line.

At an intersection you must only drive forward if the road is clear.

Who Goes First
The first to stop has the right of way (that vehicle goes first). This is common at 4-way stops.

If two vehicles come to the intersection at the same time then the vehicle on the right goes first. Again - this is common at 4-way stops.

Right of Way and Pedestrians
You must yield the right of way to pedestrians in all situations.

Emergency Vehicles
Always yield the right of way to emergency vehicles. When an emergency vehicle is approaching pull over to the closest edge of the roadway immediately and stop until the emergency vehicle has passed. Do not block intersections.

Driving Across Sidewalks
Before you cross a sidewalk stop and look in both directions for pedestrians, bicyclists, and other vehicles.

Open Intersections
An open intersection has no traffic signals or signs.

At an open intersection you must yield right of way if:

  • A vehicle is already in the intersection.
  • You enter or cross a state highway from a secondary road.
  • You enter a paved road from an unpaved road.
  • You want to make a left turn and another vehicle is approaching from the opposite direction.

Roundabouts are circular intersections with no traffic signal. Many drivers are confused about how to enter a roundabout, when to stop, and how to exit a roundabout.

Here are Rules for Roundabouts

  • Roundabouts travel in a counter clockwise direction.
  • Drivers entering a roundabout must yield to traffic already in the roundabout.
  • If there are no vehicles in the roundabout you may enter without yielding.
  • Do not change lanes in a roundabout.
  • Use your turn signal to indicate you are exiting a roundabout.

Note: If there are no vehicles in a roundabout you enter it without stopping unless there's a stop sign.

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