Driving Hand Signals and Making Proper Turns

Turn Signals and Driving Hand Signals - Florida Permit Test

Learn to use Turn Signals or Hand Signals Properly

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In Florida you are required to use your turn signals or driving hand signals before you turn.

Signaling other drivers that you intend to turn is important to avoid accidents.

Review the guides below about Making Proper Turns and Using Turn Signals and watch the videos. Then we recommend you take the practice test on Making Turns to determine if you understand the topic.

Making Proper Turns Topics

Turning properly is a key part of being a safe driver. Here are the steps to make safe turns.

Proper Turn Technique:

  • Slow down.
  • Get into the correct lane before you turn.
  • Turn on a turn signal or use a driving hand signal at least 100 feet before turning.
  • Look for and obey signs such as No Turn on Red or Stop Here.
  • Yield to pedestrians.
  • Don’t change lanes as you turn.
  • Do not make last minute turns.

Proper Lanes for Turning

Right Turns
If you are turning right you should be in right lane closest to the curb and complete your turn in the same lane.

Left Turns
When making a left turn you should be in the left lane or a lane with a left turn arrow. Complete your left turn in the same lane you started. Don’t change lanes during your turn.

Note: Turn Signals are required when making a turn or changing lanes.

Three Point Turn
If you need to turn around in a small space you should use a three point turn.

Never do a Three Point Turn in these situations:

  • A curve
  • A hill
  • A highway
  • If there is a No U-Turn sign

Florida Law requires a turn signal at least 100 feet before you turn.

Driving hand signals may be used in place of your vehicle turn signals. This may be necessary if you do not have working turn signals.

What are Driving Hand Signals:
Hand signals must be given from the left side of your vehicle - the driver puts their left arm out the drivers side window.

Left Turn Hand Signal
To signal turning left stick your left arm out the window while holding it straight out.

Right Turn Hand Signal
To signal turning right stick your left arm out the window and bend it up pointing to the sky.

Slowing Down or Stopping
If your brake lights are not working then you can use a hand signal.

To signal stopping or slowing down stick your left arm out the window and bend it down towards the ground.

Note: It is illegal to use hand signals to tell a driver behind you they can pass. Never advise other drivers what to do.

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