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HighSchoolDriver.com 10 Rules for Driving

Rule 1 - Never drive without a License
Rule 2 - Tell your Parents where you are going?
Rule 3 - Know your Privileges
Rule 4 - Be 100% Sober
Rule 5 - Wear your Seatbelt
Rule 6 - Don't Drive if you are Upset
Rule 7 - No talking on your cell phone
Rule 8 - Don't speed
Rule 9 - Keep the Music down
Rule 10 - Drive Safe, Get There, Have Fun

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Screech . . . Crash . . . Yikes!
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Rule 1 - Never Drive without a License
It sounds stupid because it is. But it happens all the time. Teens sneak out their parent's car. If you get caught or worse have and accident and hurt someone you are putting your entire family at risk.

We have heard stories where a teen got a ticket with no license and their parents insurance went to over $1000 a month - no kidding.

Rule 2 - Tell your Parents Where you are Going
Your parents are going to worry anyway so reduce the stress and always be sure they know where you are driving. If you change plans, let them know.

Rule 3 - Know your Privileges
Know the basics of when and how you are allowed to drive. With a learners permit during the first three months you can only drive in daylight hours and until 10 p.m. and you must always have a licensed driver who is at least 21 years old in the front passenger seat.

Rule 4 - Be 100% Sober
If you are driving, under 21, and have a blood alcohol level of .02%, your license will be suspended for six months on the first offense.

Rule 5 - Wear Your Seatbelt
There is no excuse for not wearing a seatbelt. By not wearing a seat belt you increase your chance of getting killed by over 60%.

Rule 6 - Don't drive if you are upset
If you are upset you can't focus on driving or make good decisions. Calm down and clear your head before you drive.

Rule 7 - No talking on your cell phone
Driving is hard enough when you are 100% focused. Talking on a cell phone distracts you and makes you dangerous.

Rule 8 - Don't speed
Speed is a leading cause of accidents. Go the speed limit.

Rule 9 - Keep the music down
If you can't hear what is going on around you then you are at risk of missing a siren, horn, or other sounds that help you drive safely. Plus that booming base is really annoying.

Rule 10 - Drive Safe, Get There, Have Fun
Follow Rules 1 to 9 and get to your destination.