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Frequently Asked Questions

Getting your Florida learners permit and Drivers License is not difficult if you know that courses you need to complete, tests that need to be taken and the ID requirements. Below is step by step explanation. You can download a Florida DMV Handbook here.

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If you are 18 or older read - How to Get your Florida Drivers License

Getting Your Florida Learners Permit
Step by Step

Getting Your Florida Learners Permit - Summary of Steps

This is a top level summary of the steps to getting your Florida Learners Permit - details below.

DATA Course

Question: Who needs to take the DATA course?

The DATA course must be taken by anyone getting their first drivers license in Florida. This applies to teenagers getting their learners permit (learner license) or an adult getting their first drivers license. So the DATA course it mostly taken by teens getting their learners permit. Go to the DATA Course to get started.

Question: How old must you be to take the DATA course?

You can take the DATA course when you are 14 1/2 .

Question: What is are the steps when taking the DATA course?

  1. Start with Registration - name, address, birthdate, phone, email, and create a username and password
  2. Next you pay with any major credit card and know that we issue refunds for all unfinished courses.
  3. Answer ten security questions about yourself (student should always do this not a parent). The Florida DMV requires that we implement this step to make sure it is the registered student taking the course
  4. Login when you are ready to start and know that you can logout anytime and come back later
  5. The DATA course is divided into 7 modules that must be completed in order
  6. Each module has a required amount of time you spend on the materials - you will se a timer on the screen
  7. Once you complete the required time in a module you can take the quiz for that module
  8. When you pass the quiz for a module you can move onto the next module
  9. When you have completed all the modules you take the DATA test
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Question: How many times can I take the test at the end of the DATA Course?

You can take the DATA course test as many times as you need to for no additional charge. If you pay attention to the course the test is not difficult.

What happens when I finish the DATA course and pass the test?

Your completion information is automatically transmitted to the Florida DMV. When you go to a local DMV office they will lookup your information based on your name or other personal information.

Question: Will I receive a certificate when I complete the DATA course?

Paper Certificates are No Longer Accepted by the Florida DMV. Therefore we do not mail certificates.

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Permit Test

Question: What is the Permit Test / DMV Exam?

The Permit Test is the written exam you must take to get your learners permit in Florida. The test questions come directly from the Florida DMV and cover road rules - the rules and regulations of driving on Florida roads and highways. In addition the test includes road signs you may encounter in Florida.

Question: Who can take the Online Permit Test / DMV Exam?

You must be at least 14 1/2 years old and under 18 years old to take the permit test online. You can take the permit exam before or after the DATA course.

Question: How Does the Online Permit Test / DMV Exam work?

The Online Permit Exam is a timed test of 50 questions. Once you begin you are given 60 minutes to complete the test. You must complete the Permit Test in one session - you cannot log out or pause the test. Before you start please be prepared to complete the entire test.

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Question: What type of questions are on the Permit Test?

The Online Permit Test questions are multiple choice and true / false.

Question: How should I study for the Permit Test?

To prepare for the permit test you have two options: Read the Florida Drivers Manual - sections 4, 5, 6, and 7 of the 2014 Drivers Manual are where you should focus but there is information you may need in the rest of the handbook. The easiest way to study of the Permit Test is to take our online permit study guide. It was created by a former Florida DMV Examiner. It teaches you what you need to know and includes practice tests so you know you are ready.

Question: How many times can I take the Online Permit Test / DMV Exam?

You can take the Online Permit Test 3 times. If you do not pass in your three attempts you must take the permit test at a DMV office.

Question: What happens when I pass the Permit Test?

Your completion information is transmitted to the DMV.

Question: When I go to the DMV to get my Learners Permit, what do I need?

Here are the requirements to get your Learners Permit:

  • You must be 15 years old
  • You must have completed the DATA course
  • You must provide the necessary ID documents
  • If you are under 18 you must be accompanied by a parent or provide a parental consent form
  • Provide proof of residency such as a utility bill or car insurance
  • You must have passed your permit test
  • You must pass a vision test at the DMV
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