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Steps to Getting Your Florida Drivers License

For Drivers over 18

18 or older - Getting Your First Drivers License in Florida

A common question we are asked is "What are the steps to getting a drivers license in Florida if you are 18 or older".

Lots of people get their first drivers license when they are 18 or older - an adult. There are two differences for adults getting their first drivers license - you must take the Permit Test in person at a DMV office (not online) and you are not required to hold a learners Permit. You can skip that step and get your drivers license. Here are the steps.

1. Take the DATA course online

2. Study for the Permit Test (AKA DMV Test) - You can either get a drivers handbook or take our online study Guide.

Note that the Permit test is the 50 question test that covers the rules, regulations, and road signs of Florida.

Anyone - regardless of age - getting their first drivers license in Florida has to pass the Permit Test, which is also known as the DMV Test or DMV Exam. To pass the DMV Test you must study. The test is 50 questions and you must get 40 correct to pass.

3. Take the Permit Test at a local DMV office. The Florida DMV rules require anyone 18 or older to take the DMV Test in person at a DMV office.

Note: Once you pass the Permit Test you have the option of getting your learners permit or taking the Road Test if you are prepared and getting your class E drivers license.