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DATA = Drug Alcohol Traffic Awareness - Required Course
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How to Get your Learner Permit

Getting your learner permit can be confusing. Each state has a different process, rules, requirements, and exams. At HighSchoolDriver.com we want to make it easy for you and we want you to be a safe driver. Below are guidelines for getting your learners permit in Florida, California, and New York - more states to come.

Depending on where you live your first drivers license will be called something differnet. In Florida and New York your first license is a learner permit. In California it is called a provisional permit.

Regardless of where you live your Learner Permit/Provisional Permit means that you cannot drive alone. Belive it or not some people are confused about this. We typically get calls from them after they have been caught driving solo and received a ticket.

How to Get Your Florida Learners Permit

To get your learner permit in Florida you must be 15 years old and take a Drug Acohol Traffic Awareness Course (DATA) also known as Traffic Law Substance Abuse Education (TLSAE). You must also take a DMV Exam which consists 40 questions. Twenty of the questions are road signs and 20 are road rules. Complete your DATA course here all online on HighSchoolDriver.com
and then take our new "Pass the First Time" program, which prepares you for your DMV test with practice tests, video tips and a complete driver education all created by former DMV examiners.

At age 14 1/2 you can sign up for and complete the required DATA ("Drug Alcohol Traffic Awareness") course. You can take the DMV exam for your Florida learner permit when you are 15 - the DMV Test can be taken online. Need more information? Read our detailed guide to getting your Florida Learner Permit. You can get your operators drivers license when you are 16. Read more on The Florida Department of Highway Safety & Motor Vehicles web site

How to Get Your New York Learners Permit

To get your Learner Permit in New York you must be at least 16 years old. To apply for your New York Learner Permit you must either take the DMV written Exam or present a driver education student certificate of completion - form MV285. The New York written DMV exam is 20 questions and you must get 14 correct.

To get your New York State Operator license you must be 18 years old or 17 years old with Driver Education. Note that all New York drivers under 18 are subject to restictions depending on where you live. For general safe driving rules read High School Driver's 10 Rules for Driving.

Read about your New York state learner permit or junior license on the NYS DMV Internet Office

How to Get Your California Provisional Permit

To get your Provisional Drivers Permit in California you must be at least 15 1/2 and under 18 years of age.

To apply for your provisional permit ou must provide proof that you are enrolled in and are participating driver education or that you have completed driver education. You must also pass a traffic laws and road signs test.
For more information on requirements go to the California DMV web site

With your California Provisional Permit you must practice driving for at least 6 months with 50 daytime driving hours and 10 hours at night. You must have a licensed California driver 25 years or older with you at all times.

When you are 16, have had your permit for at least six months and have finished your driver education and training you can apply for your California Provisional License. You will have to pass a behind the wheel driving test. If you are under 18 there are still restrictions. Get all the details on the California DMV web site.

When you get your license we hope you'll realize how serious it is. Read Rachel Get's Her Learner Permit for a perspective from at 15-year old in Florida .

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