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DATA Course Completion - Next Steps to Get a Florida Learners Permit

1. DATA Course Completion

When you complete the DATA Course (Drug Alcohol Traffic Awareness) you are on your way to getting your learners permit. Here is what happens next and answers to most questions.

Your DATA course information is automatically transmitted to the Florida DMV. The Florida DMV no longer accepts paper Certificates for the DATA course or Permit test.

If you are at the DMV and they cannot find you in the system (which happens if there’s a typo in a name) please call us at 888-272-1493. Tell them your first name and last name and they will look up your account and give you a DATA Certificate Number to give to the DMV. This number will help the DMV more easily find you in the system.

2. Permit Exam on Road Signs and Road Rules (Traffic Laws)

You now need to complete the DMV’s second requirement to get a Florida Learners Permit, the Permit Exam on Road Signs and Road Rules (Traffic Laws). You can either take this Exam online or take it at a DMV office.

It is important to study for the Permit Exam in advance by reading the Florida Drivers Handbook or taking an online Permit Exam Study Guide course

If you are under age 18 (age 15, 16, or 17) you can take the Permit Exam online.

If you are age 18 or older then the DMV requires you take the Permit Exam at a DMV office (only ages 15, 16, and 17 can take this exam online).

Online Permit Exam (ages 15,16,17)

The online Permit Exam is directly linked to the Florida DMV so they will have your information once you pass the Exam. When you go to the DMV office the clerk typically looks you up by your social security number or non/alien ID to see if you passed the Exam.

If you run into difficulty at the DMV office please call us at 888-272-1493. Just tell them your first name and last name and they will look up your account and give you a Unique Student ID Number to give to the DMV.

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3. DMV ID Requirements


When you go to a DMV office to get your Florida Learners Permit you will need to bring two “original” (not copies) forms of ID. The preferred documents are a certified birth certificate and original social security card but a passport or a government issued document with your name on it are accepted.

Proof of Residency

You will also need to prove that you are a Florida resident by bringing two (2) documents with a Florida address with your name or a parent’s name such as an electric or utility bill, phone bill, water bill, or a car insurance document.

Parental consent

If you are under age 18, a parent or legal guardian must come with you to sign a Consent Form. If a parent is not able to come with you then a parent needs to fill out and have Notarized a “Parent Consent for a Driver Application of a Minor” that you need to bring.

You can download the Parental Consent Form

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4. Driving with a Learners Permit

Once you receive a Learners Permit, you must follow all Traffic Laws along with the following rules.

Never Drive Alone

You can never drive alone with a learners permit. Someone age 21 years or older with a valid Drivers License must be in the car in the seat closest to you at all times when you drive with a Learners Permit.

Getting Your Drivers License

if under age 18, you must have a Learners Permit for a minimum of 12 months or until you turn 18 to get your drivers license.

You cannot receive any traffic “convictions" that would put points on your license such as moving violations like speeding, driving through a Stop Sign, and so forth. If you receive a non-criminal traffic conviction for things such as headlights are out, turn signal doesn’t work then you must complete a 4 hour Traffic School Course. If you do receive a Traffic Conviction, then from that date you will need to have your Learners Permit another 12 months (or longer depending on the conviction.)

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